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 These are just some of the many photos, stories sent in showing the admiration for Jerrod. If you have a photo you want to share, please send it to




I thought this would cheer you up. I know God is working great and powerful ways through you right now. I was reading Robert Breaux's poem he wrote for you....I don't know if you have read it or not but he continually says that the Lord will fill your cup. God has a special plan for you and i know your going to use your strength God gave you to get through this. I love you Jerrawd!




I just wanted to share the yearbook photo that my office has for Jerrod’s 2007-08 LCU “El Explorador” freshman class spread ... He looks good in pink, don’t you think!!!

Kelly Robinson


This summer Will was asked who in his life so far has made a big spiritual impact on him.  Without hesitation he said "Jerrod Shelton because he has shown me how to walk the walk out loud, and he is not afraid of the world knowing that Jesus is his Lord."  Thank you Jerrod for what you mean to Will and the enfluence you are on his life. We all love you dearly and are in constant prayer for you. 

Amy Walker


A few pictures of a 35 mile backpacking trip in Arizona this summer.

Jerrod, why are you smelling the tree?  And why this one?

There must be something about these trees

 Boys and creeks…always a good combination

Jerrod has Ben’s sandals on.  It’s a wonder he didn’t float down the river.

Pondering something I think we were just waiting for lunch

Homerun Derby at 8000’

A journey made with good friends is endless.

Ben, Jesse, and I are starting to plan the trip for next summer.  You’d better be better by then because we aren’t carrying you.  Jerry, start getting your boots broken in.  You skipped out on this trip.

Our Love,
Mike Hill