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Below are some Prayer requests from others:


  • 11/26/07 - from Karen S. - pray for Jack who fell off a tractor and has had pain and complications since.


  • 11/25/07 - from Milton and Faye Bailey - "Hello, You don`t know me, but we feel like we know your family well.. GOD was so good to send us your son to pray for and you all have been in our prayers since we first became acquainted through computer....... We have a small Church Group here, But GOD has blessed us immensly Since we started meeting a little over three years ago.  We are so thankful that your son is doing so well...... I know that the glory and praises all go to the LORD...... I am wanting you all to pray for my cousin..... Her name is Joyce Smith and she is fighting a second battle with breast cancer., She is a single lady and she needs every blessing that the good LORD will send to her. She is such a good christian person...... If you would please put her on your computer prayer list. it certainly would be appreciated......My husband was critically ill several years ago and he was put on prayer lists to go all over the world....... We know from our own miracle about the power of prayer..The good LORD be with you and your family all of your days.. I pray for GOD to bless you all much !! Hope the celebration to the LORD is wonderful..... We will be there in our hearts.......  When we receive a prayer request, we send it to all that we can... also. With christian love from our house to your house-------- Milton and Faye Bailey"

  • 11/15/07 - from Jason Clayton - "Jerry, I wanted to ask for your prayers on behalf of my mother. My mom came to the hospital with us. She was the tall blonde hair lady. (You probably remember but just in case.) She has cancer that is inoperable. She starts chemo and radiation immediately. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep her in your prayers."