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Update from 12/04/07 5:40pm

Carla called me today to let me know that the Shelton's have passed the "Prayer Pager" to close friends Leron & Rose Johnson (ex LCU alumni, and current member of South Plains C of C in Lubbock).  Leron has had two Liver transplants in the last month - he is currently fighting infection, and on Sunday he received his 17th surgery.  Leron & Rose have 4 children.  Please pray for the Johnson family - the Prayer Pager phone number is 806-721-2965.

If you would like to receive e-mail updates about Leron, you can e-mail Todd Epps to get on the mailing list at


The Thank You Celebration on Saturday was a wonderful time of Praise and Thanks to God.  Pictures from the Celebration can be found here.