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From: []
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 12:27 PM
Subject: An Invitation from Jerrod

PLEASE join us on Saturday, December 1
on the campus of Lubbock Christian University at 7 p.m.
We will meet in the "mall area" right in the center of campus
in front of Moody Auditorium.

This is an evening of giving thanks to God and singing songs of praise to Him.
Bring a lawn chair if you want and blankets, hot chocolate or whatever it takes to be sure you are warm and comfortable.

I wanted to rent a spotlight to shine up to Heaven, but apparently it is a violation of the city sign ordinance. So, we will have to put the "spotlight" on God with our hearts. Something tells me He will like that a whole lot better anyway.

We have received cards, email, and phone calls telling us of people praying for Jerrod from all over the world.
We have heard from Baptist churches, Methodist, Catholic, Church of Christ, Bible Churches, the Christian Church, Episcopal and those who have quit attending church but felt moved to pray for Jerrod. That is not a definitive list, that is just an example of the groups we have heard from. Is that great or what?

You already know what's beautiful about that, but I will tell you anyway. It is beautiful to see the Lord's body of believers come together and unite in purpose and in prayer. I know for a fact that puts joy in our Lord's heart. The Lord is so good and what an absolutely awesome opportunity for us all to gather in one place united in purpose and prayer to say "thank you!" To have great fellowship and rejoice together as one body. And it gives me shivers to think of it happening on December 1st - right between a national holiday we have set aside to give thanks and the day we remember the birth of Jesus. Isn't God's timing amazing?
We have the opportunity to give Him gratitude for all good things and specifically for hearing our prayers for Jerrod AND give Him a birthday present all at the same time. We can give him the gift of unity, even if only for one evening.

I have so few people on my email lists compared to all the people who have been praying for Jerrod. So, if you know someone, or a group you think may want to join us, please send them this invitation to join us.

We love you all!

jerry, carla, jerrod and carly

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Jerry Shelton
Director of Advertising

United Supermarkets - Market Street - Amigos United
7830 Orlando Avenue, Lubbock TX 79423
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