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From: Jerry Shelton []
Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 2:24 PM
Subject: update

Jerrod's eyes continue to bother him. They hurt when he moves his head or shifts his eyes quickly. We think it may be because of too much activity too soon after getting out of the hospital. Today he has

slept and rested all day. We have canceled his therapy sessions for Friday so he can continue to rest. We have an appointment with a neurosurgeon here in Lubbock on Monday. We also have an appointment with Dr. Morgan (the neurosurgeon who performed the surgery) scheduled for Wednesday of next week. Following our appointment with the neurosurgeon on Monday we will determine if it is necessary to go back to Dallas to meet with Dr. Morgan on Wednesday. Our assumption is that this is all just part of the healing process and that it is not something to be concerned with. But because it is new, the doctors like to check him and evaluate what may be causing the change.

He is still in good spirits and basically feeling very well considering what he has been through. Jerrod is very encouraged by your prayers, in fact the other day I told him I would call Russ and have him ask you all to continue praying for his eyes and the pain. He said "daddy, just knowing that everyone is going to be praying for me makes me feel a lot of peace." So, we thank you so much for continuing to pray for Jerrod. 

Carly has been a great sister through all of this and is struggling to get her homework caught  up. I know this experience has had to have an impact on her in ways that we may not even be aware of. Would you please pray for Carly too?

Thank you,

jerry and carla