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Update from 11/7/07 7:30am

Below is the latest e-mail from Jerry:

Jerrod had a good day yesterday. He learned very early that he has to pace his activity because he gets tired pretty quickly. When he gets tired his eyes hurt and get more blurry and he gets a headache. So he is taking it pretty easy.

We have an appointment with his physical therapist in Lubbock this morning at 8 am for an evaluation. We meet with the speech therapist on Friday.

Something I think that would be very cool is if Dr. Brent Morgan's office could be flooded with thank you cards. Notes of gratitude, notes of encouragement - notes of love. Wouldn't that be great?
If you have a moment and don't mind jotting down a note and dropping it in the mail to Dr. Morgan I think it would be a great thing.
If you would like to do that here is his address:

Brent Morgan, M.D.
399 W. Campbell Rd., Ste 400
Richardson, Texas 75080