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From: []
Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2007 9:21 PM
Subject: Saturday Update

Saturday, October 27

Jerrod had Saturday off from therapy. But right back to work on Sunday.
Medical Center Plano plans to discharge us from the hospital on Tuesday. We will then go to Dr. Morgan's office at 11:15 am to get his assessment of the CT scan we did on Friday. He will make what should be the final decision on a permanent shunt. So, far we still believe that will not be necessary. We will also ask him when he will allow us to travel back to Lubbock. We anticipate that to be around November 5.

Carla and I toured the Pate Rehabilitation facility yesterday (the one that could have been 63 days of rehab). We can't tell you exactly why, but we just didn't feel peace about sending Jerrod there. Something just didn't feel right. It's our belief that the outpatient therapy is necessary, but we think we can get excellent therapy in Lubbock. We also believe that a very valuable part of his rehabilitation will be to be around friends and familiar surroundings. So for right now, that's our plan. If Dr. Morgan will allow us to bring him home, we believe we will be back in Lubbock in 10 days.

Please continue to pray for his complete recovery.
Jerrod's specific prayer requests:
That the shunt will definitely not be needed.
Continue to pray for his eyesight. (His double vision has to improve before he can drive again)
He still wants your prayers for his hearing and the roar in his ears.
And continue to pray that his speech continues to improve.

For those of you who have been able to visit Jerrod you know how great he is doing and how great he looks. If you have not seen him I just want you to know that he is improving so much every day. It is absolutely amazing and without a doubt a result of your prayers and the hand of God.

We love you all so much and are so eager to get home safely with Jerrod and be back together as a family. And we can hardly wait to see all of you. We are struggling with how we can appropriately show our love and gratitude. For now I will just say thank you and we love you,
jerry and carla

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