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Update from 10/25/07 9:20pm

Below are links to current news and updates:

  • Click here to read the latest e-mail from Jerry

  • Click here to read about the visit from Clint Dolezel, Quarterback of the Dallas Desperados

  • Click here to find "Super Bear" - a new game for the website

Update from 10/25/07 4:00pm

Clint Dolezel, Quarterback of the Dallas Desperados, came by today with Ron Davis of the Cowboys & Desperados, and Warren Creason, a consultant with United.  Clint brought Jerrod one of his jerseys and a signed Desperados football.  The family said it was so much fun, and Jerrod loved it!

See picture of Clint & Jerrod to the right.

Once the family has an update from today, we will post it.

Update from 10/25/07 12:30pm

Jerrod saw the ENT doctor earlier today.  They will also hear from the therapists on their assessment of today, later today.  Once we have information from the ENT & therapists, we will post an update.

Prayer requests remain:

  1. Thanksgiving that God has watched over Jerrod.
  2. Thanksgiving that God has blessed so many through this event.
  3. Praise to God for his wonderful love and comfort - showed through so many.
  4. Request that Jerrod will improve in hearing, vision, and speech.
  5. Request that Jerrod will not have to have a permanent shunt.