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From: []
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 9:17 PM
Subject: Jerrod Update

Thursday was a busy day. Jerrod began the day with physical therapy. At 10:30 we had an appointment with the ENT. We went to his office and waited for about 30 minutes - then found out that the audiology testing equipment was not working. They were very nice and apologetic about it. She said she has been doing this for 8 years and this is the first time this has happened. So we felt special. We rescheduled for Monday and just enjoyed the walk and getting out of the room.

On the way back to the room we found the people who had brought therapy dogs to see Jerrod. They were leaving but we got to play with the dogs in the hall and had a great time. The dogs really loved on Jerrod and it was fun. Then when we got back to the room we found a note and a signed book by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, authors of "Same Kind of Different as Me." We missed them by only minutes. We were so disappointed to miss them but so thrilled that they came by. I want to meet them SO badly. If you have not read that book yet, get a box of Kleenex out and enjoy their story. It is a life changer.

Then at noon, Ron Davis, Warren Creason and Dallas Desperados' quarterback Clint Dolezel came by to bring Jerrod a signed football and a jersey. That was fun too. Jerrod did more therapy and met with two doctors.

Then we had a visit from Pate, the outpatient therapy center that they want Jerrod to go to when he is discharged from here. This facility is specifically for neurological patients and they feel he needs this intense therapy to help him be ready for school in January. The time frame on that is somewhat unknown but they plan to discharge us from here on Tuesday and we would probably go to Pate the next day. They said the average stay is 63 days. I would not plan to stay the entire time. After getting Jerrod into the facility there is a parent/family consultation after they do the initial evaluation. I believe that following the evaluation I would go back to Lubbock and try get back to work. Carla would stay here. We have some friends in the area who would be able to help Carla. And I would try to get back down here with Carly every weekend.

Tomorrow Carla and I have a tour of the Pate facility at 10 a.m. - maybe we can take some photos so we can put those on the website.

We love you all,
jerry, carla, jerrod and carly

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