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Update from 10/24/07 10:50pm

Jerrod continues to improve each day.  Today a number of United Supermarkets employees stopped by to check on Jerrod (see picture to the right) - United has been so supportive of the Shelton family.

Thanks to so many for the prayers, encouragement, and support.  The family can not thank you enough - they send their love.

Prayer requests remain:

  1. Thanksgiving that God has watched over Jerrod.
  2. Thanksgiving that God has blessed so many through this event.
  3. Praise to God for his wonderful love and comfort - showed through so many.
  4. Request that Jerrod will improve in hearing, vision, and speech.
  5. Request that Jerrod will not have to have a permanent shunt.

Update from 10/24/07 1:15pm

An excerpt from Jerry's e-mail today:

"Doctor Nguyen visited with us this morning to tell us that Jerrod is doing very well, but he wants to be sure he continues to get some pretty intense speech therapy. He said on Friday he will be able to give us a prediction of when he can release him from in-patient therapy to out-patient therapy. Tomorrow (Thursday) we have an appointment to meet with the ENT again. He will do an audiology test on Jerrod and try to determine if the noise in his ears is from swelling and if he has any hearing loss. We are eager to hear what Dr. Moore says . . . There is not much time between his therapy sessions but I was able to give him a little bit of a hair trim right before he ate some lunch. (I think I may need to stick with advertising.)"

Update from 10/24/07 1:00pm

Jerrod finally get's a haircut!  Before surgery Jerrod had asked if they would shave his whole head instead of just the area around the surgery, but they preferred he not shave his head, less chance of infection.

Jerrod continues to show improvement each day.  They are still in the room 259 (building 2 of the Plano Medical Center).

Update from 10/24/07 8:00am

Jerrod continues to show improvement each day.  They are still in the room 259 (building 2 of the Plano Medical Center). 

If you would like to e-mail Jerrod directly, you can e-mail him at - he is not currently able to read the e-mails, but family are reading many of them to him.

Current prayer requests are: Thanks and praise to God, and requests for continued improvement, including hearing, speech, eye site, and balance.

Don't forget about the prayer pager, when you pray, call 806-721-2965.  This is so encouraging to the family.

Woodward Park Church of Christ in Fresno, CA put together a video for Jerrod, click here to see it.