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Update from 10/22/07 1:00pm

Below is an excerpt from Jerry's e-mail, click here to read the e-mail.

"We just got a call from Dr. Morgan. The pathology report just came in.
It was a pediatric tumor. That is what we wanted to hear. There will be NOT be any follow up treatment with chemo or radiation . . . It did come from the brainstem and of course you can't remove the brainstem. So, we will be monitoring it for years. We will be coming back for an MRI every 3 months for awhile. Then it will go to every 6 months. Another prayer answered. We are still on schedule to move to rehab today. We will still be in Medical Center Plano, room 259 in the rehab unit."

Prayer requests; Thankfulness, he said swallowing is a little difficult, his right leg is a bit numb and tingling, his ears still have the roar, speech (while vastly improved) still needs improvement, vision (improved) but still has some double vision and focus problems, his face is broken out (possibly from the meds), and we pray this will never return.

Update from 10/22/07 8:00am

Jerrod is currently in room 613, but will be moving to room 259 in the rehab area later today.

The picture for this post is of "sweet" Amber, who brings Jerrod all of his meals.  If you would like to fill out a thank you form to the Hospital and staff, click here.

By the way, don't forget the Prayer Pager - when you pray, call 806-721-2965 - it is so encouraging to the family for them to know people are praying.