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From: []
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2007 12:53 PM
Subject: Encouraging Update on Jerrod

We just got a call from Dr. Morgan. The pathology report just came in.
It was a pediatric tumor. That is what we wanted to hear. There will be NOT be any follow up treatment with chemo or radiation. We firmly believe that all of that means the tumor is benign, but we realized after talking to him that we never actually heard him use the word benign. So, we have asked the nursed to contact his office and tell him we want to specifically hear that word from him. But if it were not benign we know he would have said so, and he would have scheduled chemo and radiation. BUT - I just want to hear the word come out of his mouth.
Dr. Morgan told Carla the name of the tumor but we need to see it spelled and then have Jerrod's speech therapist teach us how to pronounce it. :0]  But, Dr. Morgan said the pathologist at Mayo who gave the report is the man who actually categorized and actually named most tumors. He is the world's leading authority. He said whatever he says it is - that's what it is.

It did come from the brainstem and of course you can't remove the brainstem. So, we will be monitoring it for years. We will be coming back for an MRI every 3 months for awhile. Then it will go to every 6 months. Another prayer answered. We are still on schedule to move to rehab today. We will still be in Medical Center Plano, room 259 in the rehab unit.

Jerrod was walking with the physical therapist this morning without a walker. He is doing SO well.

Specific prayer requests:
He said swallowing is a little difficult - maybe a bit of a sore throat. He can't really explain it.
His right leg is a bit numb and tingling.
His ears still have the roar.
Speech has vastly improved, but still needs some improvement (but thankfully we have speech therapy coming)
Vision has improved a little but still has some double vision and focus problems. (He is a little concerned about being able to drive again) So pray that continues to improve.
Jerrod's face has broken out and we are not sure if it is from the meds or not. And of course a 19 year old would rather not have a broken out face. (especially because one of his therapists up here on the 6th floor said that a lot of the therapists over in the rehab unit are pretty good looking.)  :0]
Pray that this never returns.

I feel compelled to write something  else briefly. I have always heard the phrase "everything happens for a reason." I have said it too and I totally understand what everyone means when they say it. But I want you to consider something. I really don't believe that everything happens for a reason. What I believe is that everything happens. And for those who love the Lord He will work everything (both good and bad) together for their good. Nothing bad comes from God. We can be thankful to God for everything good. But in my opinion we can't assign blame for anything bad to God. For example, I have made so many bad decisions in my life. I have had so much sin in my life. God certainly did not cause me to sin. But amazingly He can take those bad decisions and those sins and teach me something beautiful. He can use my mistakes to help me teach and minister to others. Who knows why bad things happen - but they do. It rains on the just and the unjust. The sun provides us with vitamin D and too much sun can cause cancer. God provided all things good, but he put a world in motion and we must live in a world that is not our home. We must remember this world is not Heaven. We were never intended to live in these bodies forever. We don't understand everything and we never will, but this I know... God is good and He works all things together for good for those who love him. Both good things and bad things and yes even our sin and mistakes. God is faithful even when we are unfaithful. So, I don't mean to insult anyone in any way if you happen to use the phrase "everything happens for a reason." And I totally understand what you mean and I love the heart that says it, because I believe they mean the very same thing I am saying. It is probably just a matter of semantics. I just want to be sure we are giving God only praise, only glory, only thankfulness for all that is good - and NONE of the blame for anything bad. He loves us and uses our hardships to teach us and pull him closer. But remember there is an enemy who wants to destroy us... just know it's not the God we love, serve and worship. I really hope that is not offensive in ANY way to anyone. I just felt a need in my heart to say those things because I know some people struggle with some of those issues.
So, whatever is going on in your life right now, whatever worries you have, whatever challenges you face - take some time to thank God for his goodness. Thank Him for the way He will use those things in your life to bless you and others with what you will learn. But please don't blame Him.
I also want you to know that whatever you are struggling with I pray for you too. Because just because this has been a pretty intense struggle, my brand of misery is no greater than yours. We all have our struggles and difficult times.
I also find it interesting that the Bible makes reference to our being tested by receiving praise. I don't believe God sends these things as a test. Everything you face in life both good and bad are tests. And I find praise to be a greater test than trials. When I face trial, I have no place to go but to lean on the Lord. When I receive praise I am tempted to have pride. And I have decided that if you trace any sin back to it's root, you will find pride as the seed. I may be wrong about that - in fact I may be wrong about every single thing I just wrote. So, meditate and pray about it - don't take my word for anything. I have found that if I am right 50 percent of the time it's not a bad average. But all I know is that GOD IS GOOD IN EVERY WAY!

So, once again I apologize for sermonizing but it has been on my heart and I just had to put it in writing.

I love you all in ways I didn't know were even within my limited capacity,

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  .   .   .   .  
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