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From: []
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2007 12:20 PM
Subject: Things are changing again

Well all I can say is that all of you must have been praying with fervor. Dr. Morgan came in this morning and said his CT scan was 50 percent better this morning and it must be draining naturally!! So, he cancelled the procedure for today. He said it is still possible that we may have to do it next week, but for right now he said we don't need to do the permanent shunt. Can you believe it? Of course you can. What is impossible with God? It is so amazing to me... but I have learned to not be surprised.

Dr. Moore (the ENT) also came by this morning to talk to Jerrod, he said he is doing some research to see if he can find any other case like Jerrod's with this noise in his ears following this type of surgery. Right now, they are not aware of any other case like it. We are being transferred to building number 2 in the morning to begin his rehabilitation work. He will have another CT scan on Friday to re evaluate the need for the shunt. Once we are over in the rehab. unit, Dr. Moore will do some further testing on his hearing next week. As soon as we are in a new room we will post the new room number on the website.

By the way, if any of you don't know... Russ Horn with CoNetrix is the one who has built and maintained the website. It has been incredible and he is such a good friend. I know he would not want me to tell you that, but I want to be sure everyone knows that. In addition Barbie Chambers at The Price Group is the one who set up and maintains the Care Page for Jerrod. She too has done an amazing job and has blessed us tremendously. We love you both and everyone following the updates appreciates both of you too. I also want to pass along my gratitude to your companies for allowing you to do some updates during your busy days at work.

So, we continue to be blessed and I feel confident that your prayers have touched the heart of the Lord and He is responding by healing Jerrod.
We are so grateful to you and we are grateful to God.

jerry, Carla, Jerrod and Carly

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