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Update from 10/20/07 6:30pm

Dr. Morgan just  came by and told us that he has 3 surgeries on Monday so he is going to try to do the permanent shunt tomorrow (Sunday)
He said he will have the CT scan done while he is at church in the morning and then come and do the surgery mid afternoon. He does not want Jerrod to have to wait until Tuesday. He wants to get him into physical therapy sooner so we are going to get it done tomorrow... unless the plan changes again. We are now in room 613. They moved us to a larger room. Every time we turn around they are doing something nice for us.
Just wanted you to know the latest. Keep on praying. We need to pray the procedure goes well tomorrow and we need to pray for his rehab. We are praying that one morning he will just wake up and the noise in his ears will just be gone. We will take any improvement, but it would be so awesome if it would just go away for him. He said he just really wants to hear music again.

We love you all,

Update from 10/20/07 3:30pm

There is a plumbing problem somewhere on the floor, so they needed to move a patient on that side of the floor to a new room and they asked us if we would like to move. The new room is quite a bit larger and we have more room for our stuff and visitors.

Each therapist that comes in to work with Jerrod says they see a lot of improvement each day. His balance is doing so much better and his speech is improving. We have not seen the ENT yet, but we are eager to see what they think about the noise in his ears. Maybe they will look at him and have a great solution.


Update from 10/20/07 9:30am

Carla texted the following message this morning:

"Having a great time on the 6th floor playing xbox and visiting with family and friends."

If you didn't read Jerry's e-mail yesterday, it is likely that Jerrod will have to have the Shunt installed on Monday.  We continue to pray the tumor is benign, and for Jerrod's hearing, speech, eyesight, and balance - but we also continue to thank and praise God for his goodness and love!

The picture for this article is of the tumor that was removed from Jerrod's head - to see a larger picture, click here.

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