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From: []
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 6:54 PM
Subject: Friday Update

Dr. Morgan came in this evening to see Jerrod and once again the plans are changing a little bit. We have found that we can't plan tomorrow because all we know for sure is what is happening at each moment.

We had another CT scan this morning and Dr. Morgan said it appears that some of the fluid is settling at the bottom and putting additional pressure on his brain. (That is a very inadequate paraphrase but I think it is the basic idea)
Bottom line is he said we will do one more CT scan on Sunday and now says he will most likely put in the permanent shunt on Monday. This is essentially a drain that will go from the back of the brain and will go under the skin and drain into his abdomen. So, we are not moving to the Physical Therapy Unit yet. We have to stay in the room we are in and will probably do the procedure on Monday. IF that plan does not change, we will probably move to the therapy unit on Tuesday. Jerrod is thankful that he will of course be asleep for the procedure. So, please pray for Dr. Morgan again for the procedure. Also continue to pray that the tumor is benign - no, we still don't know. Dr. Morgan said the guy he sent the tumor to is the best in the world. So, he said just be patient, which we are. We just want it to be accurate.

Jerrod's speech is better today and his balance is better today as well. So, everything continues to be encouraging... just constantly changing.
We asked Dr. Morgan again about the loud noise in his ears and he really does not have an answer. He did say he would have an ENT doctor come and take a look at him. We really liked that idea and are eager to see if the ENT may have some thoughts on that and hopefully something that may help.

Again I can only tell you how much we appreciate you and your continued prayers. We are all doing fine and are in good spirits. The visits, and emails, cards, etc. are what sustains us.

We love you all,
jerry, Carla, Jerrod and Carly

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