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Update from 10/18/07 9:15pm

Jerrod continues to improve.  They believe they will probably be transferred from the neuro floor to the rehabilitation unit tomorrow, where he will probably stay for about 2 weeks.  Once released from the rehabilitation unit, they will have to stay in Plano at least another week or two.  The rehabilitation unit is in building 2 of Medical Center Plano.  Once we have the room number, we will update everyone.

We may receive the results from the tumor tomorrow - we continue to ask you to pray the tumor is benign!  By the way, don't forget the Prayer Pager - when you pray, call 806-721-2965 - it is so encouraging to the family for them to know people are praying.

We have added a video of Jerrod in Therapy below - you can also get to it by clicking here.

Update from 10/18/07 5:15pm

Below is an excerpt from Jerry's e-mail update from today - to read the entire e-mail, click here.

"Jerrod is doing so well . . . They (Physical Therapist, an Occupational Therapist and a Speech Therapist) all evaluated him today independently and then consulted and unanimously agreed that he is doing great and they are so impressed with his attitude. They also unanimously agreed that he should not leave the hospital yet though. So, once they feel he has made enough progress on the neuro floor he will be transferred to the rehabilitation unit here in Medical Center Plano . . . They want him to do two weeks of intense rehabilitation therapy in all three disciplines mentioned above while under medical observation for swelling, blood pressure etc. So, while Jerrod is a little disappointed that he won't get out of here, we know it is for the best. They said this is the best way to help him be prepared to be ready to get back into school next semester . . . We do not take any of that as bad news and we are still only thankful and our hearts are full of nothing but love and gratitude."

Don't forget to listen to KJAK 92.7 - Christian Radio, Lubbock, TX tonight at 7:00pm to here an interview with Jerry - you can also listen to it over the internet, click here to read how.

In addition, we have added a video of Jerrod in Therapy below - you can also get to it by clicking here.

Update from 10/18/07 11:30am

We moved to room 604. The nurses are great up here too. This hospital is amazing. Jerrod was able to sleep four hours at a time, which was so nice. Jerry and I both slept in the room with him since we don't have the CCU Waiting Room available to us. We all slept good.

Jerrod has walked down the hall today with the help of Kathy, the physical therapist. She said she is going to wear him out today. Jerrod is ready. Also, we will have the Occupational Therapist and the Speech Therapist later today. He will be very busy.

He is eating breakfast - his favorite - ham, bacon and cheese omelet, oatmeal, and fruit. Jerry and I have a big job ahead of us filling the shoes of the cafeteria.

Jerrod said to tell you he thinks he can hear himself a little bit better but the noise and pressure in his ears is still there. He describes it like there is a helicopter in the room right beside him. The main thing that encourages Jerry and I this morning is that he is speaking with more resonance in his voice. He has been whispering, but this morning, his voice sounds more like he is using his vocal chords, and that is very encouraging.

As always, he is in great spirits. Thank you so much for the prayers and please continue to pray for the noise in his ears. 

We love all of you - carla

The picture for this note is of Landon Hood and Jerrod (with the black wig) at an Alpha Chi/Kappa 80's mixer - just two days before Jerrod came to Plano.

Update from 10/18/07 8:00am

Jerrod spent his first night away from CCU in a week . . . he is now in a "regular" room - room # 604.

Jerrod is doing so much better than expected (Praise God), but we still have prayer requests; please pray the tumor is benign (should have the results by Friday), for his hearing (he still hears the loud grinding noise), his speech (it is probably tied to hearing - it was better today), and his vision (it is better, but he still doesn't have good peripheral vision).

Don't forget to listen to the interview with Jerry today at 7:00pm on KJAK 92.7 Christian Radio, Lubbockoday - click here or go to "Notes & Stuff" for more details.