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From: []
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 3:44 PM
Subject: Today's Lunch and plant from 523

I just wanted to share with you what my United family did today for a family you do not know. Gary Taylor brought us another great meal of meatloaf, green beans, rolls, key lime pie. (I apologize for not remembering which store provided today's meal. Gary is going to give me a list of which store provided each day so I may appropriately thank you later)

Gary brought lunch a little after 12 today and also brought a beautiful green plant from store 523 in Amarillo. Only minutes after lunch arrived one of the families here in CCU lost their son. He passed just before Gary came with lunch. The family was crying and praying together and hurting. We offered to share our lunch with them and in minutes we had probably 20 of their family gathered around loving the wonderful lunch. They were so very grateful and sweet. They said they didn't know what they were going to do about lunch and could not even think. And I hope you are all okay with this, but we sent the beautiful green plant with their family for the funeral. We told them it is from a very loving family at United Supermarkets and Market Street.
They were so moved and thankful. They were hugging us and telling us they love us. You have touched so many families here in so many ways that you could never even begin to fathom it. Every time you send lunch it reminds me of the fishes and loaves in the Bible. We are able to feed everyone in the waiting room and usually have some left to share with the nurses. I continue to have people ask me about United and tell me how blessed I am. (Of course I tell them they need to pick up and read a copy of "Built to Serve" and they will understand what they are seeing.

For those of you on my address book who don't know, Dan Sanders (CEO United) wrote a book titled "Built To Serve" it is available at most major bookstores and (and of course United and Market Street) I don't tell you that to make this commercial in any way, I just want you to understand what drives this company to do the acts of love you are witnessing.

Okay, I hope this does not sound like a commercial message either, but I want you to know that KJAK in Lubbock will be airing some of Jerrod's story tomorrow night at 7 PM I will post the info from KJAK below: This information and a link to their website is also available at You may listen to to it via the internet if you are not in Lubbock.

the interview is a little over 22 minutes
and will air on KJAK 92.7 FM in Lubbock, Texas as follows:

   Thursday    October 18th    7:00pm
   Saturday    October 20th    3:30pm
   Sunday      October 21st    1:30pm & 6pm
 We stream our audio to the Internet and you can listen to KJAK
anywhere in the World at

 Once you are on our home page
 Click on "Listen Live"
 Then on the next page click on in blue "Listen Live-KJAK 92.7"
 The audio will be up in about 15 seconds.

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Please let others know about the ability to listen on-line.

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Jerry Shelton
Director of Advertising

United Supermarkets - Market Street - United Super Mercado
7830 Orlando Avenue, Lubbock TX 79423
806-791-8106 - Direct Line
(806) 791-0220 - Store Support Center