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Update from 10/16/07 8:00pm

Jerry sent an e-mail update today - I have paraphrased a few items for the update, but you can read full e-mail by clicking here.

There is a good chance Jerrod will be moved out of CCU and into the neuro floor tomorrow.  Then, after Jerrod is able to walk, he will be released from the Hospital, but must stay within close proximity of the Hospital for at least two more weeks - the Womble's have graciously agreed to let them use their apartment during this time.  They hope to be released by Friday.

We still don't know about the tumor, but hope to have results by Friday.

Jerrod still has a loud grinding noise in his ears, but his speech and eyesight are a "tiny bit" better.  Again, to get the full report from Jerry's e-mail, click here.

Update from 10/16/07 1:30pm

Jenny was Jerrod's nurse last night (see picture to the right).

The nurses and staff have been so helpful and supportive for Jerrod and the family - there are "Star Service" awards given to staff from time to time for special service, tonight we will put one of the forms on the website (under Notes & Stuff) with a list of the staff that have helped Jerrod - as you have time, you may want to send in a good report for their work.

Also, many have asked more about the "BrainSuite" - we will put up a link with a picture and more information on the "BrainSuite" tonight (under Notes & Stuff).

As we have more news from the family, we will update the page again.

Update from 10/16/07 9:00am

Jerrod is currently eating breakfast right now (he had chocolate ice cream last night at midnight . . .)  He had another CT scan today, but we have not heard the results yet, and he is schedule to go through physical therapy after he eats breakfast.

Myron & Vicki Bruce have been brining Jerry, Carla, and Carla's parents breakfast each morning.  So, many have helped in many ways - thanks to all!

Some have asked, "who are the Shelton's", so we added a family picture to the site this morning.