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From: []
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2007 5:58 PM
Subject: Dr. Morgan's visit today

Dr. Morgan came by at about 5:15 today. He is a little baffled by the grinding in Jerrod's ears. He said he did not get near the auditory nerves so he is not sure exactly where that's coming from. Swelling is probably the cause. In addition they said they had a loud clicking in his ears to monitor brain function during the surgery. He said after 8 hours of that it may be sort of like leaving a concert and having your ears messed up for a while.
He is also a bit baffled by the slurred speech getting a bit worse today. But I believe that is connected to his hearing, because Jerrod said he can't hear himself speak at all. His vision may be a little better today. Dr. Morgan said the CT scan looks better today.

PRAYER REQUEST (make that begging for prayer)
They are sending the tumor to the Mayo Clinic to determine what the tumor is. The pathology here is indeterminate. I don't really know if that is a good sign or if that is cause for concern I choose to believe it is a good sign. I'm sure they know malignancy when they see it... right? Besides, I am going to plead one more time. I am going to beg one more time (I know I am wearing you out with prayer requests) But may we get on our knees in fervent prayer again and beg our God to provide the news that this tumor is the most benign tumor anyone has ever seen. Please, don't tire of praying for Jerrod. We have won many battles so far, but the war is not over.
But as always, keep on your prayer list lots of gratitude!!!!!!!

By the way we have lost another friend in the CCU today. Joey had an aneurysm and passed this afternoon. We have cried with his family. That is our second friend to lose since being here.

I am going to send Russ a photo of Dr. Morgan to post on the website. I would like for you all to meet the Neurosurgeon who saved Jerrod's life. He is a great man and I am in his debt. I would attach the photo, but I know my ET friends at United will be glad I didn't.  :0]   It may be this evening before Rus can get the photo loaded. Poor guy is trying to work, be a husband, a daddy and a webmaster. Russ, you could never know how much we ALL appreciate what you are doing to keep everyone informed. You are an awesome friend to all of us.

I will keep you informed.


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