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Update from 10/14/07 7:45pm

Jerrod just said in his whispering, difficult to understand voice, "hey daddy, would you please tell everyone to praise, praise, praise God that my tumor is gone and that I can still think, remember names, and move. But would you also ask them to pray for three things. My hearing, my eye sight and my speech."
Those three things are still difficult for him and it would encourage him a lot for you to pray for that. He is so thankful.

While I am typing this email a beeping sound started and they announced a code blue CCU for room 20. (It is still going on) Jerrod is so concerned for whoever it is. He said "momma, do you need to go make sure someone is helping them?"  Is he a great kid or what?

Daddy (Jerry)

Update from 10/14/07 10:05am

Jerry just came out with a report - he said Jerrod continuously hears a sound like two grindstones grinding in his head and is also concerned about his vision (he doesn't have peripheral vision back yet, and things are still a bit blurry), so Jerrod asked Jerry to pray for this; however, Jerrod also said he wants God's will to be done and is praying for God's will.

Yesterday, Jerry gave Jerrod the guitar given by Brand Mechanix and Jerrod played a few chords. 

We praise God for all he has done, and are continuing to pray the tumor is benign and he won't have to have a permanent shunt installed.

Carla wrote a note earlier this morning - you can read it in the archives below.

Update from 10/14/07 9:30am

Jerrod slept well last night. He needed his sleep mask (sock) and his earplugs, which to me said he is more in a normal sleep, and not a medicine sleep. Jerry and I went this morning to the Womble's apartment - which has been a wonderful blessing to have such a great place to stay- and were refreshed with a shower. My dad came and stayed with Jerrod. I think he slept most of the time. I am visiting with Ken, Jana, Aaron, Kara and Kaitlyn Stephenson, Russ, Heather, Rylee, Avery, and Zane Horn, my cousin, Ted, and my dad. What a blessing it is to have friends and family surrounding us. God has been so good and filled every need. We appreciate so much everything everyone has done. Can't wait to see everyone in Lubbock soon. We love you.  

Carla (Mom)

Update from 10/14/07 8:30am

Interesting website ( statistics:

Jerrod's website was started late Oct. 9th, and we started tracking stats at noon on the 10th.  Below are the number of total requests (clicks) for each day:

Oct. 9th - 13,545

Oct. 10th - 113,869

Oct. 11th - 244,108

Oct. 12th - 286,983

For a total of 658,505 requests (clicks) on the website.