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From: []
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2007 7:45 PM
Subject: A note from Jerrod

Jerrod just said in his whispering, difficult to understand voice, "hey daddy, would you please tell everyone to praise, praise, praise God that my tumor is gone and that I can still think, remember names, and move. But would you also ask them to pray for three things. My hearing, My eye sight and my speech.
Those three things are still difficult for him and it would encourage him a lot for you to pray for that. He is so thankful.

While I am typing this email a beeping sound started and they announced a code blue CCU for room 20. (It is still going on) Jerrod is so concerned for whoever it is. He said "momma, do you need to go make sure someone is helping them?"  Is he a great kid or what?

I will send a more detailed update later, but right now I wanted to get Jerrod's words to you right away before I forgot what he said.

We love you all for praying.

jerry and Carla
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