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Update from 10/13/07 8:00pm

Jerrod has had a great day.  Our prayer requests now are:

  1. Thanksgiving that God has watched over Jerrod.
  2. Thanksgiving that God has blessed so many through this event.
  3. Praise to God for his wonderful love and comfort.
  4. Request that Jerrod will not have to have a permanent shunt.
  5. Request that the tumor is benign.

This may be the last update for tonight, but will continue updates again in the morning.

Update from 10/13/07 5:00pm

Jerry just reported.  We had believed that Jerrod would have to have a permanent shunt (this would require another surgery), the Doctor just said that now there is only about a 20% chance he will have to end up getting a permanent shunt - PRAISE GOD!

Also, Jerrod just took a breathing test, and he did much better than expected - Jerrod continues to do better in each test than expected - again, we Praise God!

Update from 10/13/07 4:46pm

Jerrod is doing well.  We are so thankful to God for His many rich blessings.  We are still praying the tumor is benign - but may not know the results from the tests for some time (up to 10 days)

The picture of the hour is Carly (Jerrod's sister), and Zane Horn (someone who Carly baby-sits often).

Update from 10/13/07 2:57pm

Jerrod is sleeping again right now.  He was able to see many friends and family this morning.

We are still praying the tumor is benign - we may not know the results of the tests for some time (up to 10 days).

The "Picture of the Hour" is a bunch of Jerrod's friends in the waiting room.

Update from 10/13/07 2:05pm

Hey guys!!! This is Carly, the sister of Jerrod, and I just went back to see him. He is doing great! Not just cause of the great surgeons, but because of all the prayers, friends, and thoughts of him during this hard time. We thank you for every thing, you guys have been there for us ever step of the way. The prayer pager has been going off continuously, every second. Please keep up the prayers, this battle is not over.

We love you all, and we will see you when we get back.


Update from 10/13/07 1:10pm

Jerrod is now seeing a few visitors.  Amanda Morman just came out to give a report. She said Jerrod held each persons hand - he said he loved them all.  She also said he is still sitting up in his chair.

The current "picture of the hour" is from the waiting room.

Update from 10/13/07 12:41pm

Scott Jarvis was able to go in and see Jerrod, pray for him, and read scripture to him.  Scott said Jerrod is very alert, his color is good, he is currently sitting up, his spirit is good and he is full of spiritual energy!

Stephen Joseph Inc. was able to create some "Team Jerrod" shirts in short order for the family and friends - everybody in the waiting room is wearing them right now.

Update from 10/13/07 10:31am

Jerrod at breakfast this morning - he had a boiled eggs, biscuit with grape jelly, applesauce & apple juice.

Jerrod is sleeping now, before he went to sleep, he told the nurse, "I want to sleep for 10 hours."

Update from 10/13/07 8:01am

Jerrod slept good last night.  As of now, his headache is not bad as long as he keeps his head still - this is GREAT!  We must keep giving God the glory.

Again, if you would like to send Jerrod a note to his personal e-mail, you can do so by sending e-mail (please no attachments) to  Any notes & prayers you send to this site will be read to Jerrod and Jerry will eventually bind them into a hard back book.