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Update from 10/12/07 11:31pm

We finally got a blog site setup that is on (the domain owned by Jerrod) - click HERE to visit the blog (it is new - who knows, you may be the first to blog!)

We also created an e-mail for Jerrod to receive prayers and notes - it is - please do not send attachments to this address.  Any notes you send to this site will be read to Jerrod and eventually bound into a book.

Thanks to everyone for their love, care, concern, and prayers.

God is good!

Update from 10/12/07 9:45pm

Jerrod is sleeping right now.  Today was another good day - praise God! 

The "picture of the hour" is Jerrod and his sister Carly.

Update from 10/12/07 8:07pm

After Jerrod ate his Potato Soup, he ate some ice cream, and is now back asleep.  He has a good appetite, which is good.  Jerrod's recovery is much better than expected - again, we Praise God!

Another sign was also brought to the Hospital, and since there was no more room in Jerrod's room it is currently hanging in the waiting room with all of us.

Update from 10/12/07 6:30pm

Carla just gave us a report - Jerrod is sitting up in bed and eating Potato Soup.  They expect to get him to sit in a chair by tomorrow.

Gifts and food keep coming in, and it is amazing how many visitors have showed up to support the family.

The current "picture of the hour" is from The Price Group, where Jerrod is an intern . . . looks like they really need you back.

Also, don't forget that Barbie Chambers with The Price Group created a CarePage for Jerrod - simply go to!  The CarePage name is JerrodUpdate.  So far over 400 people have signed up under Jerrods CarePage!

Update from 10/12/07 5:32pm

Jerrod is doing well.  A few minutes ago, Jerry told Jerrod about the Dallas Cowboys football.  Jerrod was relaxing with his eyes closed and they were talking to him about a few things - then Jerry said "Jerrod, I don't want you to respond, but I want to tell you something that is really cool . . .the Dallas Cowboys signed a football for you" and Jerrod's eyes opened really big.

Also, Ronnie Davis let me know that he spoke with the QB, Clint Dolezel, of the Dallas Desperados (the Dallas Arena Team), and he wants to bring a signed football from the Dallas Desperados Team to Jerrod!

Update from 10/12/07 5:00pm

Jerry just came out with an update - Dr. Morgan has reviewed the results from the MRI & CT Scan and the appears to be no evidence of a tumor!  Another major hurtle - we are sending praise and thanksgiving to God!

We are not just waiting for the results of what the tumor (the tumor was a little larger than a golf ball) is - Dr. Morgan said we know a lot of things it isn't, but there are alot of things it could be - it may be up to 10 days before know for sure what the tumor is and if it is benign.

Up until now we have expected Jerrod to have a permanent Shunt to move excess fluid from the brain into the stomach.  We now understand there might be a slight chance Jerrod may not have to have a permanent Shunt - let's pray this is the case.  A Shunt would require another surgery.

Update from 10/12/07 4:25pm

Carla just came out to give us an update - she said Jerrod is doing well - he is now able to drink water - when asked how his pain was from 1-10 he indicated 20 (as a joke) - he is speaking much clearer; the nurse told Jerrod, "You are speaking much clearer" and Jerrod said, "Am I really".

We still have not received results from the MRI & CT Scan (to see if they did get all of the tumor), and we probably wont know if the tumor is benign until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Note: if you want to make sure you are looking at the most current pages, you can click the "Refresh" button on your browser - if you don't click the "Refresh" button, you may be looking at an older page that is "cached" on your computer.

Update from 10/12/07 3:25pm

Jerrod is back from the MRI & CT Scan - we do not have the results yet, but Jerry and Carla are with him now.

If you want to read previous notes to get all the updates, simple click on the "archive note updates" links below.

Jerry told me about 10 min. ago that he received e-mails from people in China and Russia - WOW, the Body of Christ is a wonderful thing!

Update from 10/12/07 2:35pm

Ronnie Davis, Account Manager with the Dallas Cowboys, stopped by to give Jerrod a signed football signed by the entire  Dallas Cowboy football team!  He said when Jerrod feels like having company some of the players want to come visit Jerrod.  I don't know all the details of the visit with Ronnie, but as I know more I will update the site.  We have pictures and details on the "Notes & Stuff" page.

Update from 10/12/07 2:00pm

Todd & Kelly Palisi, owners of Brand Mechanix stopped by to give Jerrod a new Guitar!  Todd, Kelly, and their company Brand Mechanix have been so helpful by providing support, a printer, and now giving Jerrod a guitar!

Update from 10/12/07 1:40pm

Jerrod went to the get the MRI & CT Scan - we were all able to line the halls and sing "Create in Me a Clean Heart oh God" while he wheeled in.  There are pictures under "Notes & Stuff"

Update from 10/12/07 12:59pm

Jerrod was scheduled to have his MRI & CT Scan between 1 and 2pm.

Update from 10/12/07 11:56am

The LCS volleyball team just stopped by.  We all sang and prayed together.  They were a great encouragement to us all.

We will begin to add a new "photo of the hour" ever hour or so.  The photo will be located on this page "News" right here --->

Also, if you think you may have missed a note, we are archiving all notes below in the "update notes archive".

Update from 10/12/07 10:00am

Another report from Carla:

Jerrod is able to talk and write.  He is still in pain - when they ask him on a scale from 1 - 10 how is the pain, he holds up all 10 fingers; however, when they ask how he is doing he gives a thumbs up. 

Update from 10/12/07  9:24am

Carla just texted me from Jerrod's room - this is her text verbatim:

"Short update. J (Jerrod) knew where he was, who i was. He has a pretty bad headache - he has taken morphine and is sleeping good. When his nurse from 2 or 3 nights ago came 2 check on him this morning, he said hi Jenni - without hesitation. I had to look at her nametag - his memory is great. God is good."

Update from 10/12/07  8:40am

Jerrod is still resting - Carla is still back with him - the rest of us are beginning to stir.  Jerrod is still sedated and will be until 9:00am.  We praise God for taking care of Jerrod and guiding the doctors through the surgery last night. 

They say Jerrod should have some confusion today and for the next few days (this is normal).  Confusion could range from not knowing what town he is in, what year it is, or even not knowing some of his friends.  Each hour he continues to go through recovery, the confusion will go away.

Update from 10/12/07  2:20am

Carla is getting to stay with Jerrod tonight, and Jerrod is doing well.  Jerry is laying down writing an e-mail update.  Another group from Lubbock just arrived and stopped in.

We will continue updates to the website first thing in the morning.

Update from 10/12/07  1:20am

Jerrod is in his room.  Jerry and Carly are with him now.  The PrayerPager (806-721-2965) continues to go off even in the early hours of the morning, and it is encouraging to us all - thanks!

From Scott Jarvis - "Doctors have confirmed . . . Jerrod Shelton does have a brain"

Several of us in the waiting room just watched a video of Sailor (the Shelton's dog) prepared by Nathan Dahlstrom - if any of you know Nathan, this goes without saying, but we all laughed a hearty laugh.