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Jerrod got a little sick tonight but is doing better. They are keeping the pain in control and trying to keep his stomache from being nauseated. He is still having difficulty speaking and hearing. But they assure us that will get better each day.
He is doing as well as can be expected. He can answer any question, who is the president, what year is it, where are you. His vision is still blurred and still has some double vision. But he said it may be slightly better. I am so grateful for all of the progress. I am thankful for the doctors and the nurses. I don't think they could have been any sweeter or attentive to him. We are in a good place.
In case you are not aware of the website it is Russ is keeping it very up to date and has added a lot of fun photos and information.
In addition, Russ set up an email address that you can email to that we will read to Jerrod. We also intend to bind all the email we receive in a hard back book for Jerrod to have as a reminder of the love of God, the beauty of the family of God and how loved he is. So, if you would like to send an email directly to Jerrod you can send it to:

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