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I don't really know what to say right now. I really don't. I am sitting here beside Jerrod's bed as I love to do. We do not have the official word from the doctor yet on the MRI. The nurses are not allowed to tell us. Dr. Morgan said he will be here in a little while. We are praying for a great report on the MRI. That will be the next step. Then we will be eager to hear what the pathology report says. WE ARE PRAYING WITH EVERYTHING WE HAVE THAT IT IS BENIGN.

I am so overwhelmed with the love, the prayers and support you have given to Jerrod and our entire family. My mom and dad have broken down into tears multiple times - and I now realize it is because they love Jerrod and because they love me - their son. When I hurt, they hurt. When I rejoice they rejoice. Oh, this lesson of love just continues to teach me.
In addition, I have this feeling of debt to all of you. I feel I owe everyone so much. I feel I owe United Supermarkets more than I could ever repay. If I were to spend the rest of my life trying to repay all of you for all of the kindness and food, and those who have been washing our clothes, those who have opened their homes, those who have brought Jerrod gifts, the prayers, the phone calls, the prayer pager, the website, the hospital visits, those who have slept on the floor of the waiting room by my side, the posters, the cards, the letters and oh so much more. So, once again who am I reminded of? I am reminded of another debt I cannot repay. And in both cases what pays the debt? If I'm not mistaken, it is love.

So, what can I do but return the love? How can I love enough? How can I show it enough? If I were to ask each of you how can I repay you? I suspect your answer would be something like this: "The next time you see someone who is hurting, help them. If you see someone who is thirsty give them a drink of water. And If I ask you so what is the greatest thing I could do? You might say, well, just give God the credit, Love God and love other people. Oh, my. Didn't Jesus say that? Didn't he say that is what sums up all of the law and the prophets?

How have I missed the true meaning of all of this? How has the academic knowledge of the gospel not burned this hole in my heart since the first day that I heard it?

Well, I can tell you the rest of my days on this earth will never be the same again.

Beneath this color coordinated undershirt, beats the heart of a grateful man.  :0]


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