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Update from 10/11/07 11:56pm

Dr. Morgan just came in - the surgery is over and Jerrod should be coming up in about an hour.  Dr. Morgan said the surgery went well and Jerrod is doing good.  They think they got all the tumor, they will run another MRI tomorrow to confirm.  They are still not sure if the tumor is benign - they will send more samples to be tested, but they will not get the results until early to middle of next week.

Update from 10/11/07 10:47pm

The nurse just called - she said surgery is going well - they do not have a time estimate, but things are going well.

Jerry asked the nurse to tell Dr. Morgan and the others assisting with the surgery that we are praying for them and we love them.

Update from 10/11/07 10:32pm

It has been about 2 1/2 hrs. since we heard from the nurse - we assume things are going well and they are still removing the tumor.

Everyone in the waiting room (about 50 people) just gathered to sing songs and pray - it was so powerful.

If you are still up - please continue to keep praying!

Update from 10/11/07 8:45pm

Jerrod is still in surgery - the surgeons are removing the tumor - we should receive another update from the nurse sometime after 9:00pm.

If you are having trouble opening the videos of Jerrod - or want to save the video, you can right click on the link and chose to save it.

A special thank you to the Wombles - Jerry and Carla and the entire family would like me to offer a special thanks to Dusty Womble, his family, and Tyler Technologies for allowing us to use their apartment, even at an inconvenience to themselves. Their love, support, prayers and home are appreciated more than words could ever describe. Their home has been a blessing and a haven to so many.  Thank you and we love you more than you know.

Update from 10/11/07 8:24pm

The nurse just called and said they are taking the tumor out.  We do not know how much longer to expect, but probably the procedure will continue into early morning.

The PrayerPager (806-721-2965) has been so encouraging - it has been going off continuously - thanks to everyone who is praying!

Update from 10/11/07 6:59pm

They took out a piece of the tumor and have taken it to Pathology and are awaiting results.

Update from 10/11/07 6:26pm

We have not yet heard back from the nurses, so we assume they are still removing the tumor or testing a sample - we expect an update soon.

The video of Jerrod thanking everyone for their love, support and prayers is now available by clicking the "Video of Jerrod before Surgery" link below.  You will have to be patient, it may take a few minutes to download (depending on connection speeds).  There is also a video of Jerrod's room located under "Notes & Stuff".

Update from 10/11/07 5:58pm

They are at the tumor now, but have not started to remove it yet.

Update from 10/11/07 4:54pm

The nurse just called, they are  beginning the incision now.

Update from 10/11/07 4:40pm

Jerry just sent another e-mail update out.  If you are not on the e-mail list, you can click on the link below to read the latest.

We all continue to pray and thank everyone for their love and support!

Update from 10/11/07 3:38pm

The OR nurse just called - he is doing very well and they are starting the process now - he is about to go though the first MRI scan.

Update from 10/11/07 3:33pm

We had to temporarily pull the video of Jerrod - the file was too big for many to download and causing the site to run slow.  We are attempting to compress the video and hope to have it back up shortly.

We have not hear from Jerrod yet - Lisa Mack has been reassigned, she is now in charge of the phone - they are to call when there is an update (everyone gets anxious when we hear the phone) - we expect Surgery will probably begin about 3:30pm.

Update from 10/11/07 2:36pm

Jerrod is in the Brain Suite now - they will begin with another MRI - Surgery will probably begin about 3:30pm.

Update from 10/11/07 2:05pm

Jerrod is being prepped for surgery at this time.  Jerry and Carla are with him.

Lisa Mack is assisting with the website at this time - she is helping with the "Megabytes" and "Uploads" - or at least she is attempting to talk the talk . . .

People continue to stop by and assist in so many ways Brand Mechanix has provided a printer/copier/scanner to be able to print and scan documents, United is bring food for everyone (about 40 in the waiting room) during the surgery, and there are soooo many others!

Update from 10/11/07 12:40pm

Jerrod just went in to the Brain Suite for surgery.  We were able to follow and encourage him along the way.

We will post a video of Jerrod and his room in the next few minutes.

Update from 10/11/07 12:40pm

Surgery will not be scheduled until at least 2:00pm.  This means surgery may not end until 2 or 3 am.

There will be two physicians in the operating room, with others available if needed. 

Update from 10/11/07 11:59am

Another patients surgery has taken longer than expected - we don't know yet when Jerrod will go in, but we think it will not be before 1:00pm.

Jerrod is sleepy, but feeling good.

Update from 10/11/07 11:10am

Groups of about 6-8 are going back to see and pray with Jerrod right now!

There are many tears, but faith is STRONG.  We have a GREAT God and we believe in him!

Support has been overwhelming.

Thanks to Holly Krivokapich, the blog site will be up soon for people to post notes.  Just yesterday between noon and midnight, Jerrod's website received over 13,500 hits.


Update from 10/11/07 10:50am

A group of people just came out from seeing Jerrod - Carly (his sister) & Alex (his cousin) said to tell everyone that Jerrod is a "Stud Muffin of the Week".

There are many in the waiting room visiting, encouraging and praying.


Update from 10/11/07  9:15am

Jerrod had a good nights sleep last night and feels good this morning.  He is ready and looking forward to seeing visitors again this morning. 

George Baker from Highland Oaks Church of Christ stopped by this morning to say a pray with us - it is so encouraging to have some many stop by and pray . . .

Right now Jerry is with Jerrod and Carl is visiting in the waiting room with the grandparents, the Richardson's (George, Dona, & Luke), Lisa Sellers, Brittany Adkins, Russ Horn, Rachel Read, and Dwain Read.

We will try to keep updates posted on this page about every 90 minutes or less throughout the day.