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Dear friends:

Jerrod is back in the Brain Suite. They said it takes a while to get the suite completely ready to begin. They are putting an IV in his neck and he will have an IV in each arm I believe. He will be operated on face down. EVERY nurse, every Doctor, every single person has been so loving. The hospital chaplains are awesome and loving. Market Street has absolutely amazed everyone here with their outpouring of love and support. I dare not begin to actually make a list of those we appreciate because I could never begin to list everyone. We should be getting calls from the nurse every hour or two. I may not be able to get emails out every time but Russ will be posting updates on the website.
Russ has done an amazing job of keeping the website current. If you keep checking back you should find new stuff all the time. We shot about 60 seconds of video of Jerrod talking to all of you right before they came to get him to take him to surgery. That should be loaded on the website by now. There should be photos of all the food Market Street brought and some photos from the waiting room.
Lisa Mack is our office manager and is controlling the phones in the reception area. We don't want to take a chance on missing a call from the OR nurse. So Lisa is making sure the phone is covered continually.
Jerrod is now beginning the surgery. They have him in position and they are doing the first scan. That scan is the road map. They will work from that scan. They will continue to scan him all day. When they take a piece of the tumor out they will look at it under the microscope at the molecular level to determine what they believe they are dealing with. The nurse told me before they went in that when they look at it, she won't be able to tell me what they think it is. That will have to come from the Dr. I am so glad she told me that because if I asked and she said I can't tell you that I would have panicked. But she said not to worry because she is not allowed to give out that information.
I believe I will close this for now, but I will try to keep sending out information just as often as I can.

The OR nurse called and said your son is precious. The CCU nurse said that everyone in the CCU unit is talking  

We just ordered some Tshirts for all of the friends and family gathered here in the waiting room. Cindy Taylor at Stephen Joseph Inc, is getting those made for us.
The shirts will say Team Jerrod. We are ordering a few extra so if you are on your way we will have a shirt for you. And if we are out, you may have mine!

Thank you could never be enough to tell you of our gratitude for your prayers. PLEASE take some time to say more prayers today. With a deep, deep feeling of love for you all I send you my gratitude.


PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  .   .   .   .  

Jerry Shelton
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