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Jerry Shelton/United Supermarkets Inc.

Subject Jerrod

10/08/2007 08:19 PM

If you receive this email twice I apologize. I am collecting addresses and some lists I copy may have you duplicated. And I had added many names of people who have written to us. Somehow all those addresses were lost. So I have started over and fear I have missed many of you. So, please continue to forward these updates to anyone you believe is not on the list.
I need to get this list into an address group but I don't know an easy way to do it and I am not feeling much like trying.
To my ET friends at United - if there is an easy way for you to build an address group for me that would include all these names it would be awesome. If you could add the group to my personal account I would love that. Then I could just continue to add to my group. But only if it is not a problem.

Well our news is not nearly as encouraging this evening. Dr. Morgan just came to see us. He said the tests so far indicate it is not the type of tumor that can be eliminated with radiation and chemo. He said we are looking at surgery. Tomorrow they will do an arteriogram (sp?) They go into an artery and run a catheter all the way into the vessels in the brain to determine the vascular situation. They will study that and then determine which blood vessels can be blocked before the surgery. They will have to put something in the vessels that lead to the tumor to block them so they will not bleed during the surgery. Jerrod is terrified of the test tomorrow - of course we all are. But he does have to be awake during the entire procedure tomorrow and he is frightened. Surgery will be scheduled following those tests. We are looking at Friday of this week or possibly next week. Dr. Morgan said it will be an all day surgery so he has to be sure he can schedule an entire day.

I followed Dr. Morgan out of the room and asked him about his confidence level with the success of the pending surgery. He said it depends a lot upon what they actually find when they get in there. They are not sure what type of tumor it is now. He said if he had to say what the absolute worst place for the tumor to be, this would be it. He said it is the highest level of surgery there is. He said if it were not for the equipment they have here he would not even attempt this surgery. But this equipment will make it as safe as is technologically possible.

When he left Carla, Jerrod and I held hands and cried. Jerrod led us in the sweetest prayer. He told the Lord he wants His will to be done, but he said I want to be well. He kept telling God, "I don't know what to say, I just need your help." I prayed and begged God to help Jerrod. We don't even know what else to say in our prayers. I have cried until I can't control myself. I am back to just shivering with fear and heartache.

Please do not become immune to my request for prayer. I am now coming to you as a brother, I am coming to you as a friend, I am coming to you begging you. Please drop what you are doing, find a quiet place, get on your knees and humbly go before the creator and take Jerrod before his throne with  a desperate plea for God to spare him. I need the Lord to know how much we want Him to save Jerrod. We need to petition the Lord with as many requests as possible.

Carla and I are not concerned for ourselves, we are only concerned with Jerrod, but I cannot describe to you the fear, the pain and heartache we feel right now. We are so scared and can do nothing but wait and pray. How do I pray more? What can I say to the Lord that I haven't said? What are the words that might persuade the Lord to work a miracle for Jerrod? We need your help. We need your love. We need your support so desperately. I'm sorry this is so long, but I just want to keep typing because it makes me feel connected to people I love and to those I know are praying.

We do not know what time the test is tomorrow, but when it is over we will let you know whatever we know when it is over. This will be a long night of prayer and tears.


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