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From: []
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2007 10:38 PM
Subject: Sunday Evening Update

Dear Friends:

Jerrod got a lot of rest today. We really limited visitor time. He slept and feels better. We all feel a little better this evening. Not because we know anything new but because Jerrod and I spoke with the on call Neurosurgeon this morning. He was so optimistic and upbeat. He came in to tell us the same thing - that we are waiting on results. Then Jerrod started asking him some great questions. He told Jerrod that in this region of the brain, a tumor in someone his age is 99.9 percent of the time benign. We still don't know 100 percent until we have the test, but that sounded like music to my ears. Then he further said that it is not uncommon for a tumor in the pineal area to be able to be treated with radiation and chemo therapy. So, that would be a great thing to not have to do surgery. Then he said but Jerrod, if that's not the case we will just go in there and take it out. He showed him where they will go in through the back of the head. He said there is nice little canal in there we will go through and we will take it out. Then he said "you are going to be fine." He said "this is what we do and what we know. You are in the right place." Then they talked college and he was excited about Jerrod being at LCU. He said, "I went to a small private Christian College too." He and Dr. Morgan are both Christian men. So, he left me with so much more hope. That is a prayer answered.
We must continue to pray for success!
Tomorrow I hope to know more and will try to get information out as soon as I can.

For those of you who don't know about the facility, take a look at this information about the Brain Suite. If we have surgery, this is the Operating Room.
It is one of seven in the entire world.
I will include some info on the Brian Suite below if you are interested in reading it - fascinating.

BrainSUITE®: The Fully Integrated Neurosurgical OR

BrainSUITE is a state-of-the-art neurosurgical operating room (OR) that fully integrates all relevant surgical and diagnostic tools, including intra-operative, high-field magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) to treat complicated neurosurgical cases.

The BrainSUITE surgical suite employs technology which provides neurosurgeons with real-time, decision-making information to treat complicated brain tumor and other neurosurgical cases.

The BrainSUITE operating suite helps to optimize brain surgery by combining image-guided surgery, intra-operative MRI (iMRI), and all relevant data management and visualization technology. The high-field iMRI affords neurosurgeons immediate access to new images of the brain before, during and at the conclusion of the surgical procedure. The BrainSUITE navigation system links the real-time intra-operative images with the spatial position of the surgical instruments helping to provide the neurosurgeon with a higher level of accuracy regarding location and amount of tissue removed. In addition, the intra-operative MRI images help neurosurgeons determine more accurately whether or not the appropriate amount of diseased tissue has been removed. In one study, utilizing iMRI, 36% of surgical procedures initially considered complete were continued in order to remove residual tumor tissue. In some patients this potentially reduced the need for a later re-operation.

Advanced computerized equipment provides neurosurgeons access to all important clinical data about the brain-tumor patient's case during surgery. The increased level of information, converging in real-time, can assist in improving the precision/accuracy of procedures, can often mean less-invasive surgery, and can reduce the chance for repeat operation of brain tumors.

Just to remind you - messages can be sent to Jerrod via the hospital web site.
Go to:
Select: Patient > pull down to: email a patient

Then you simply complete the form and type your message.

He is in CCU Room 16
They print the messages and deliver them to his room. He loves to read letters. Just encourage him and be positive. Tell him how loved he is. He would be thrilled to get a bunch of messages. After he reads them I want to tape them to the walls. It would be awesome to cover the walls with letters. Pass this information along to anyone who would like to write Jerrod a note.

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Jerry Shelton
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