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The current situation is about the same. Jerrod is feeling fine. He enjoyed seeing some friends from LCU and LCS. We are supposed to limit visitors to 2 at a time, but at one point he had in his room - Rushabh, Devin, Ben, Shawn, Aaron, Tucker and Russell.

We will know more on Monday. Some tests may not come in until Tuesday, but we hope to have them all on Monday. We will then know what the plan is.
I will try to be diligent with updates as we know more. Some updates will have to come from others who are here. During the day it is busy with phone calls, and family here. At night and in the mornings is when I have some time in the waiting room to do updates. Carla has been sleeping in a chair in Jerrod's room and I am sleeping in the  waiting room. We may switch tonight. I am in his room every possible second. I love to be right next to him.

We understand we are in a state of the art facility. They have an O.R. that is called the Brain Suite. It is one of 7 such facilities in the entire world. Only 4 exist in the US. From what I understand Dr. Brent Morgan is one of the best in the state. It seems to be a world class facility. The nurses have all been so sweet and special. They have really bent the rules for us by allowing so many to go in to see Jerrod. As he begins to tire more they are starting to ask us to start slowing the flow through his room - he is just getting too tired. BUT - please don't allow that to discourage anyone from considering coming to see him. He loves to even hear about those who came but were unable to see him. He is so touched with EVERY note, every call, every face that walks in. He feels so touched that some have actually driven to Dallas to see him. He is SO thankful - and words could never express our gratitude to all who have come, or called, sent text messages. We have no appropriate way to say thank you. We are most grateful for the prayers. OH, PLEASE DO NOT STOP. Our most difficult days lie before us.

I have never felt more dependent upon God, never more helpless, never so dependent upon the love of friends, I have never felt so absolutely in need of encouragement than I do right now. And it's a blessing to have a Christian family to lean on.

By the way - messages can be sent to Jerrod via the hospital web site.
Go to:
Select: Patient > pull down to email a patient

He is in CCU Room 11
They print the messages and deliver them to his room. He loves to read letters. Just encourage him and be positive. He would be thrilled to get a bunch of messages. After he reads them I want to tape them to the walls. It would be awesome to cover the walls with letters. Pass this information along to anyone who would like to write Jerrod a note.

Thank you all from the deepest part of my heart.