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From: Jerry Shelton []
Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 10:48 AM
Subject: Jerrod Update

We just left Dr. Morgan's office. He said he thinks everything looks good. But he said there is something showing on the MRI that he wants the Neurological Radiologist to look at. Dr. Morgan believes it is scar tissue because it enhanced differently than the tumor did. But he wants confirmation from the radiologist who has read every MRI since the beginning. Dr. Morgan also said that it is smaller than it was on the last MRI so whatever it is it is getting smaller. Tumors get bigger not smaller, so he is not concerned.
He said it is unusual to see scar tissue in there, but he then said, but we usually don't do that big of a surgery in there either. So, he scheduled us to come back for another MRI in three months to watch the spot that is on the MRI.
The MRI may have magnetically changed the setting on the shunt slightly, but he said it was not significant enough to reset it.
So, we feel it was a good visit and good news.

We are about to get in the van and head for Lubbock.

Thanks for the prayers and please just continue to pray that the tumor does not grow again.

Once again we are grateful to the Wombles for allowing us to stay in their beautiful apartment.

jerry, carla, jerrod and carly